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Future Club Leaders Alumni Tour 2017

Friday, 15 September 2017

Future Club Leaders Alumni Tour 2017

Sept 11 and 12

Twenty six attendees participated in the Future Club Leaders Alumni Inaugural Tour was held over Sept 11 and 12.  The tour was designed to continue the professional development of Future Club Leader Alumni, enabling them to learn from their peers and take their first step towards a next qualification.

The following clubs were visited:

 Hornsby RSL
 Mingara Recreation Club
 Gosford RSL (overnight here)
 Davistown RSL
 Doyalson RSL 
 Raymond Terrace Bowling Club

Each club visit  featured a Back of House Tour to showcase the operational systems employed by six different operations. At the completion of the tour, participants were to undertake a project to lead and manage organisational change in their clubs, incorporating information they gleaned from the managers they visited.



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