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Barringtons Staff Social August

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Barringtons Staff Social August

Il Lago Lakeside Restaurant - Bella Vista

A great time was had by all who attended the August Barringtons Social at Il Lago Lakeside on the 25th at lunchtime.

I never noticed before, but Il Lago has a really cool ceiling. The lunchtime special dishes you see below were all delicious - food photography courtesy of John Lynch.

It was a small stroke of genius for Reyna to suggest we make the social at lunchtime on the same day as the monthly sales meetings. This almost guarantees we get most of the sales representatives and trainers to come. 

You will notice much greater numbers than last social, with a good balance of males and females. It was odd how all the girls were down one end, and the boys at the other? We will have to impose a boy, girl, boy, girl protocol next time.

While Blayne and Allen are now already first time grandparents (both boys), Viktoria is due for this joy in October (also to be a boy). 

Bryan has been working on his social media photo posting skills and used this opportunity to get some practice in. You can see his efforts here.

Reyna is looking forward to her holidays in Goa, India as is Steve, his holidays in Malta.

Despina is back from her Grecian holiday next week. 

It's heads down now and on to the Christmas break, not sure if we will get one more social in before the Barringtons Staff Christmas party? If Reyna has anything to do with it, you can be sure we will.





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