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Job Ready Students Learn ’ins and outs’ of Preparing & Serving Non-alcoholic Drinks

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Job Ready Students Learn ’ins and outs’ of Preparing & Serving Non-alcoholic Drinks

Canterbury Leagues Club

Some snaps of our Job Ready Students learning the 'ins and outs' of preparing and serving non-alcoholic drinks.

They are given instruction on customer preferences such as: brands, crockery, garnishes, glassware, ice, mixers, size, strength, temperature over a range of drinks including: coffee, tea, milk drinks, carbonated drinks and children’s specialty drinks.

Coffee skills include understanding: filtered, Greek or Turkish, iced, plunger, cordials and syrups.  

Milk drink skills include understanding : flavoured milks, frappes, freshly squeezed juices, fruit whips, health drinks, hot and iced chocolate, juices, milkshakes, non-alcoholic cocktails and smoothies. 

Tea skills include an understanding of the preparation of: black, semi-black, blended, green, scented, herbal, fruit
and floral waters.

They learn to use equipment  such as:  percolators and urns, drip filter systems, plungers, blenders, fridges,  juicers
milkshake machines,  teapots.

They master methods such as: blending, brewing, juicing, mixing, plunging, shaking.

Learn more about our Job Ready Program here.



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