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Congratulations Viktoria Darabi - Awarded Diploma of Event Management

Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Congratulations Viktoria Darabi - Awarded Diploma of Event Management

Congratulations to Viktoria Darabi our Social Media & Content Marketing Co-ordinator  and soon to be trainer at Barringtons!

Viktoria was awarded Diploma in Events Management  in February 2017.

This significant step will enable her to inspire club Event Managers to tackle the challenges and opportunities in today's fast changing experience economy.

The Diploma of Event Management develops and refines the skills in these areas to give events the 'wow factor' and succeed in a highly competitive market:

Source and use information on the events industry
Profile the market
Plan in-house events or functions
Prepare and present proposals
Obtain and manage sponsorships
Organise event infrastructure
Manage projects
Compile production schedules
Coordinate marketing activities
Develop, implement and monitor the use of social media in a business
Manage event staging components
Manage on-site event operations
Coordinate on-site event registrations

Diploma of Event Management Details here.

Blayne Webb, Director Barringtons



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