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Success Stories from Barringtons ClubsNSW Job Ready Program

Monday, 27 March 2017

Success Stories from Barringtons ClubsNSW Job Ready Program

Nathaniel Kumar - Trained: Blacktown Workers Club September 2016 - Working: Rooty Hill RSL Club

Before finding out about the Barringtons Job Ready Program I hadn’t really thought about Hospitality as a career.  I hadn’t done Hospitality at school and had no idea about the wide range of career opportunities that this industry offers. 

Michael from Barringtons came to my school and told us about the different places that the Club Industry can take you and I decided it was something I had to try.

I think anyone who wants to work in Hospitality should be required to do the Job Ready course.  The trainers are down to earth and really know their stuff.  It was a really positive experience and has led to me starting a career in an industry that I’ve developed a real passion for.

I really believe the Barringtons Job Ready Program was the sole reason I got the job that I have now.  During the training program I was introduced to managers from two different clubs and one of those clubs is now my employer.   The Job Ready Program prepared us for the Interview process as well as training us in skills and I have been working as a Customer Service Attendant at The Rooty Hill RSL Club Group since finishing my HSC last year.  It was fantastic to leave school and get straight into a job with a great employer.

I work between 28-38 hours a week in the Food and Beverage Department.  I serve customers in our Bar Areas and sometimes act as a waiter in our restaurant.

I am really happy for this opportunity to thank the Job Ready team at Barringtons for allowing me to get the position that I have now and can’t wait to see where my career will take me.


Learn about Job Ready here.




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