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Friday, 2 March 2012

Case Study – Club Staff Pocket Cash from Unclaimed Poker Machine Voucher

A Club Duty Manager made inquiries in relation to an unclaimed poker machine voucher from the previous day which was valued at one hundred and fifty dollars ($150.00). The circumstances surrounding the voucher were that a male customer played a machine and left a short time later without collecting the monies which were still credited on the machine.  The poker machine attendant saw the credits on the machine and completed a payout voucher which he provided to the cashier as per standard operating procedures. The cashier then informed  the (same) Duty Manager supervising at that time. The Duty Manager noticed the following day that the unclaimed voucher had not been recorded in the register as required and requested follow up inquiries which were carried out by reviewing CCTV recordings.  The recordings illustrated that the poker machine attendant and cashier concerned cashed the voucher and removed seventy five dollars ($75.00) each from the cashiers float.  As the incident constituted the criminal act of Larceny, both staff members were suspended and instructed to attend at a later date for interview.  Both persons resigned from their positions before that date.  The matter was reported to Police. For more information on Barringtons Investigations Services, click here.  
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